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We provide the following services when you sign up for weekly pool maintenance:
•    Remove debris and dirt from the bottom.
•    Empty skimmer baskets.
•    Empty pump baskets.
•    Empty cleaner bags.
•    Skim the water’s surface.
•    Brush the sidewalls, steps, and benches.
•    Test and adjust water chemistry for:
o    Chlorine, pH, and alkalinity weekly.
o    Stabilizer monthly.
o    Calcium hardness every six months.
o    Phosphates as needed.
o    Salt levels weekly for saltwater systems.
•    Backwash DE and sand filters.
•    Check essential equipment:
o    Main Pump
o    Cleaner Pump
o    Filter
o    Automatic Cleaner
o    Above ground plumbing
o    Timers & Control panels
o    Valves
•    Leave a door hanger indicating:
o    Chemistry readings.
o    Chemicals added.
o    Cleaning tasks performed.
o    Equipment that was observed that might require repair.
Weekly service rates are determined on a pool by pool basis taking into consideration vegetative conditions, size of the pool, plaster condition, and equipment. Call us today and get a free quote.
Cartridge filters are cleaned on a regular schedule and range from a price of $45.00 per cleaning plus tax for single cartridge systems to $95.00 per cleaning plus tax for a four cartridge systems. (pricing is for existing pool service customers)
DE filters are also cleaned on a regular schedule of either once every six months or once a year. Intervals are determined by the size of the filter, the volume of the pool, and the overall environmental conditions of the backyard. 6-month schedules are priced at $100.00 per cleaning plus tax, and 12-month schedules are $125.00 per cleaning plus tax. (pricing is for existing pool service customers)

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